Frequently Asked Questions About Waxing:

Below are some of the typically asked questions we receive everyday about waxing. Should you have a question that is not answered below please feel free to reach out as we are more then happy to help you.

Do you use hard or strip wax?

At Pampered Wax Club, we use both hard and strip wax. Depending on which area of the body your treatment is focused on, typically decides whether we will utilise hard or strip wax.

Why is waxing better than shaving?
When you wax, your entire hair is removed (root and all), opposed to shaving where you are essentially trimming or cutting the hair off at the skin level.  Waxing also lasts much longer than shaving, and your hair typically grows back thinner and finer.

Should I exfoliate before a treatment?
Yes. Exfoliating before a waxing treatment will scrub away all those dead skin cells that clog your hair follicles and result with you getting in-grown hairs.

How long will waxing last?
We typically see our clients every 3-6 weeks, depending on your treatment area. With this said, it really does depend on the person. How your hair grows, its coarseness and how long you’ve been waxing for. Our waxing specialists will help you work out the best schedule that suits your needs.

Will I experience irritation from waxing?
Typically you can expect to experience a little redness or minor irritation. Potential irritation really does vary from person to person and depends on your hair length, its coarseness, how sensitive your skin is and how long you’ve been waxing.  We use redness reducing lotions and educate our clients on how to minimise potential irritation as a result of a waxing treatment.

How long should my hair be for waxing?

Your hair should be at least 5mm to 15mm for best results. Depending on how coarse your hair is will also play a factor.  If you have relatively coarse hair, you may want it to be closer to 15mm for the first few waxes. Once your hair becomes finer it typically can be waxed at a shorter length.


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