Winter is the Perfect Time for Reduction Pigmentation Treatments

by admin  /  Jul 10, 2022

Record cold fronts struck Australia this month, leaving record chilly temperatures throughout the region.   Spring and summer’s warmth are still a few months away.

Don’t let this spoil your winter – take advantage of the sun break and take care of your skin.  Winter is the ideal season to undergo certain skin therapies, including reduction pigmentation treatments.

A prior blog reviewed skin pigmentation and hyperpigmentation.  This blog will briefly reexamine these topics and then discuss why winter is the perfect time to seek reduction pigmentation treatments. 

What is Skin Pigmentation?

Everybody has different colouring throughout their body.  Melanin, a pigment every person’s body produces, creates those colours.  Larger melanin quantities lead to darker colours.  The sun and your genetic traits impact your melanin production, and, thus, your eye, hair, and skin colour. 

Melanin overproduction is hyperpigmentation.  Such can cause dark, irregular skin patches on your upper lip, cheeks, and forehead.  Some can affect your entire body.  General hyperpigmentation reasons involve:

  • Pollution
  • The Sun’s Ultra-Violet Rays
  • Melasma (pregnancy dark patches, which men can develop, as well)
  • Medical Conditions and Treatments (e.g.: Lupus, Addison’s Disease, hemochromatosis, biliary cholangitis, chemotherapy, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, antibiotics)
  • Inflammation (acne, insect bites, scratching)

As stated previously, winter is the best time to seek treatment for hyperpigmentation issues. 

Why is Winter the Perfect Time for Reduction Pigmentation Treatments?

Here are the main reasons why winter is the ideal season for reduction pigmentation treatment:

  • Diminished Summer Tan:  because the summer sun darkens your skin, such impacts and potentially influences certain pigmentation reduction therapies.  Some providers require you to stay completely out of the summer sun for 1-2 weeks prior to treatment.  During the winter months, your tan has paled and your skin has whitened, which allows treatments to work at peak performance.   
  • Sun Avoidance:  many reduction pigmentation treatments require you to stay away from the sun after treatment.  Reasons for such include:
  • intensified sensitivity:  reduction pigmentation therapies often leave skin more vulnerable to the sun’s harsh ultra-violet rays.  Even more hyperpigmentation could occur. 
  • Sun Damage:  the aforementioned sun vulnerability could also accelerate skin’s aging and lead to premature fine lines and wrinkles. 

Reduction Pigmentation Winter Treatments Increase Effectiveness

In other words, winter reduction pigmentation treatments actually enhance effectiveness.  Additional benefits can also include:

  • Skin Blemish Removal
  • Acne and Scarring Appearance Improvement
  • Wrinkle and Fine Line Reduction

Evolve Cosmetic Skin Clinic

Evolve Cosmetic Skin Clinic (“Evolve”) is a popular and well-known skin care clinic that offers reduction pigmentation in Perth, and a host of other laser therapy treatments that successfully treat hyperpigmentation.  With just one treatment, your skin will appear clearer and younger looking.  

The two reduction pigmentation therapies Evolve offers, which are the most effective, include: 

  • Chemical Peels
  • Laser Therapy

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