Acne Scar Treatment Perth
by admin  /  Jul 12, 2019

Acne is the inflammation of the follicles. When we treat acne, we have to address both the surface of the skin and the internal causes. There are 7 different types of acne: they can all be identically treated on the surface, but need to be addressed differently on the inside. Sugar intake and stress levels are factors that affect breakouts and levels of oiliness on your skin.

Acne treatments can change your life in a surprisingly short time, raising your sense of appreciation for yourself and giving you confidence! For quick, efficient and safe, taylored acne treatments or appointments, please contact us or Book online. Evolve Clinic has a range of effective treatments starting at $50 to suit all budgets:

– Elaine Brennan Get Glowing Micro-Peel is specifically formulated with active ingredients to attack directly the cutaneous blemishes of oily and/or acne prone skins. Please call 08 93015761 or send an email to [email protected] to find out more about this peel or to book this treatment.

Ozone / DHF therapies use ozone gas and direct high frequencies on the skin surface to treat acne through drying, healing and stimulating the skin while having an anti-bacterial effect within the follicle.

Professional strength peels significantly lower the pH of the skin, forcing the skin to peel and therefore rejuvenate while producing more collagen.
Most types of peels are beneficial against Acne, Evolve Clinic peels include:
– Salicylic acid peels (not for people allergic to aspirin)
– Primary pumpkin peel
– Power pumpkin peel

(Please note that it is imperative to use sunscreen and stay out of the sun as well as hydroquinone or vitamin A for 1 week prior, and at least 2 weeks after treatment.)

Acne Scar Treatment Perth
Free initial consultation (15min)
High Frequency for follicular inflammation (15min)
High Frequency with peel (60min)
Ozone therapy + direct high frequency (30min)
Vibraderm + high frequency (60min)

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