Ozone/DHF therapies

Direct high frequency therapy is an external application via glass electrode which dries, refines and heals the skin. It produces an anti-inflammatory effect through ozone formation at the skin surface.

Ozone therapy is a by-product of direct high frequency. It has a joint healing, anti-bacterial and drying effect on acne. The vapozone steamer has a disinfecting, anti-bacterial action which normalizes the pH and accelerates the skin healing process.

These two therapies are usually used simultaneously at Evolve Clinic.

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Treatment (duration) Price Online booking
Free initial consultation (15min) Free Book
High Frequency for follicular inflammation (15min) $50.00 Book
Ozone therapy + direct high frequency (30min) $90.00 Book
High Frequency with peel (60min) $120.00 Book
Vibraderm + high frequency (60min) $120.00 Book
Dermaplaning with ozone therapy (75min) $149.00 Book