Scalp / Hair Tattooing

Debra Miller specialises in scalp / hair tattooing. It is a simple way to bring back your confidence. Hair shading or scalp tattooing is for is for both men and women and is a safe, easy and painless way to cover bald patches or receding hairlines. If you are looking for a highly-qualified professional with over 25 years experience for your scalp or hair tattoo Perth then simply request a quote or find out your nearest location where Debra works from.

Hair Tattoo Perth – Hair Shading, Scalp Tattooing

If you have lost your hair and, as a result, your confidence, why not opt for a hair tattoo? A hair tattoo can create the illusion of hair and, as such, is a great – and safe – way to bring back your “hair” and your confidence.

Hair tattooing in itself is a very simple process. It follows the technique of micropigmentation where a trained specialist will inject a coloured pigment into your scalp. This injection process will then be repeated until your specialist is satisfied that the end result will be something you’re happy with.

As an experienced specialist Debra has performed an increasingly large number of hair tattoos over the years. She finds this work immensely rewarding as it gives clients who have lost all hope of having hair the ability to have hair (or at least the illusion of hair).

For more information about scalp / hair tattoo Perth service, simply request a free consultation at one of the locations that I work from.

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