Lip Tattooing

Debra Miller specialises in lip tattooing. Whether you opt for lip liner or full lip tattooing your lips will look fuller, even and give you more confidence. If you are looking for a highly-qualified professional with over 25 years experience for your lip tattoo Perth then simply request a quote or find out your nearest location where Debra works from.

Luscious, Kissable Lips – Lip Tattoo Perth

All lips, although beautiful, will exhibit pigment changes over time that cause them to lose their enchanting shape and vibrant colour. In order to combat this, Debra offers a professional lip enhancement service that will breathe new life into your lips.

Lip tattooing is a simple cosmetic procedure. It is essentially similar to getting a tattoo, and involves a specialist injecting pigment into your lips. This pigment can then be used to rebuild, redefine and restructure a variety of lip shapes. Lip tattoos can also be utilised to colour lips, increase fullness, and even give the lips a lining to even out their natural shape.

Whether you choose to have a lip liner tattoo or a full lip tattoo, you can rest assured that that your lips will look as natural and complementary as possible. Debra has a full range of lip tattoo colours available to suit a diverse array of lip types. A lip tattoo can give you the confidence you need today.

For more information about lip tattoo Perth service, simply request a free consultation at one of the locations that I work from.

To make a booking, please contact the clinic on 9301 57 61.

Service Price
Free initial consultation Free
Full lip (60min) $790.00
Full lip touch up (30min) $290.00
Lib and blend (45min) $490.00
Lip and blend touch up (30min) $190.00